Veronica Mars and Philosophy


Is Veronica Mars a feminist icon?
Why does Veronica find it hard to trust anyone?
Is Veronica morally justified in breaking the law in her quest for justice?
Is the portrayal of racial conflict in Veronica Mars a realistic depiction of contemporary society?
Is knowing the truth always a good thing?

Veronica Mars and Philosophy features a thought-provoking introduction to philosophical issues developed in Veronica Mars, the critically acclaimed neo-noir detective series set in the fictional town of Neptune, California. Though it ran from 2004 to 2007, the dramatic hit show has achieved a cult-like status and has even inspired a new feature film. Couched in the popular show’s intricate plotting, witty dialog, and highly intelligent scripts, this book explores issues relating to trust, friendship, revenge, knowledge, skepticism, race, class, gender, and feminism. The authors reveal the complex moral make-up of Veronica, the smartly sarcastic high school teen and amateur investigator, as she solves mysteries and deals with life-changing events. Veronica Mars and Philosophy offers fans and newcomers alike insights into the philosophical issues related to crime solving and to some of the larger mysteries of life, illustrated by our street-wise, smart, and fascinating hero.

Veronica Mars är en av mina favoritserier. Det var kul att läsa om den utifrån olika filosofiska frågeställningar. Tänk att så många har gillat serien och sedan gett sig på att skriva om den på universitet eller college.

Boken fick tre stjärnor på Storygraph. Det är 16 olika personer som deltagit i boken på olika sätt.

  • Kasey Butcher
  • Dereck Coatney
  • George A.Dunn
  • Paul Hammond
  • William Irwin
  • Andrew Zimmerman Jones
  • Jordan Pascoe
  • Megan M. Peters
  • Jon Robinson
  • James Rocha
  • Mona Rocha
  • Rejena Saulsberry
  • James B. South
  • Daniel Wack
  • Daniel A. Wilkenfeld

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