Whatever Happened To Interracial Love?

HumoristNow Available in Ecco’s Art of the Story series: a never-before-published collection of stories from a brilliant, yet little known African American artist and filmmaker a contemporary of revered writers including Toni Cade Bambara, Laurie Colwin, Ann Beattie, Amy Hempel, and Grace Paley Whose Prescient work has recently resurfaced to wide Acclaim.

Humorous, poignant, perceptive, and full of grace, Kathleen Collins’s stories masterfully blend the quotidian and the profound in a human, intimate way, exploring the deep, Far-Reaching issues race, gender, family, and sexuality That Shape the ordinary moments into our lives.

In The uncle, a young girl who idolizes her handsome uncle and his beautiful wife makes a haunting discovery about their lives. In Only Once, a woman reminisces about her charming daredevil of a lover and his ultimate and final act of foolishness. Collins’s work seamlessly integrates the African-American experience in her characters lives, creating rich, devastatingly familiar, full-bodied men, women, and children who transcended the symbolic, penetrating bothering the reader’s head and heart.

Both contemporary and timeless, Whatever Happened to Interracial Love? is a major addition to the literary canon, and is sure to earn Kathleen Collins, the widespread recognition she is long overdue.

Jag gillar verkligen Kathleen Collins sätt att skriva. Men jag skulle hellre ha läst boken. Det var vissa delar som blev röriga att lyssna på. Som t.ex. är det var en kort pjäs där skådespelarna repliker stod och beskrivningar av vad de skulle göra.

Jag gav den  4 stjärnor på Goodreads. Jag lyssnade på den under #DiverseAThon.

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